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Certain people in Penarth have been busy recently as a couple of new memorials have been erected. One, commemorating two Penarth-born men who were awarded the Victoria Cross during the Great War, has been placed on the front wall of the Penarth District Council Offices in Stanwell Road, Penarth.

The second, placed in Penarth RFC Club, commemorates 17 club players who were either killed in action, died of wounds or died of illness in WW1. Produced by a local artist, Andrew Coslett, it complements the memorial stand that was erected at the ground in February 1925.

As the rain clouds cleared, officials and guests assembled in New Malden, Surrey on the 24th April 2008 for the dedication service to commemorate the town’s recently discovered connection to its third VC recipient. Two WW2 VC recipients are already commemorated on the memorial, Squadron Leader I. W. Bazalgette and Pilot Officer C. J. Barton, but for years a third person, Lt Humphrey Firman, Royal Navy, had remained unacknowledged – that is until research by a local historian uncovered his connection to New Malden.Lt Humphrey Firman VC memorial unveiling

Lt Firman was awarded his VC following attempts to re-provision the forces at Kut-el-Amara in April 1916. He was commanding the SS Julnar as it carried 270 tons of supplies up the River Tigris on 24 April, a particularly dangerous mission for which only volunteers had been called upon to carry it out. Despite artillery and machine-gun fire to distract the enemy’s attention on his departure, his ship was discovered, attacked and captured by the Turks. It was during this engagement that Lt Firman and several crew members were killed.

Can any other community memorial lay claim to more VC recipients being commemorated on their memorial?