Camberwell memorial unveiled

Monday17 September 2007 saw the unveiling of the memorial on Camberwell Green dedicated to all the people of Camberwell who have suffered or died in war.

Click for the UKNIWM’s record of the memorial

Camberwell memorial unveiling As the memorial stands above the Camberwell air raid shelter those who lost their lives in the direct hit of 17 September 1940 are commemorated in particular.  All ten members of the Wright family, who had been celebrating the marriage of Sidney and Patricia Wright that very day, were killed.  It was especially poignant that Sidney’s cousin, Barbara Watson, attended the ceremony with her husband Bernie Seton.

 Barbara who still lives in Camberwell was evacuated along with her family to Pontypool in South Wales immediately after the bombing.  Even as a small child she can remember the devastating impact the tragedy had on her family.

The memorial pillar, unveiled by the Mayor of Southwark, is carved from Kilkenny limestone and is the work of local sculptor Hamish Horsley. 

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