Family History Day at the Imperial War Museum

By Jane Furlong, Project Coordinator

Have you ever wondered how the Blitz affected your family? What role did your ancestors play to help win the war on the home front? And what effects of the raids can still be seen around us and in our lives today? If you are planning ahead and wandering what to do on 6th November why not come along to the Family History Day at the Imperial War Museum. I will be giving a talk about Blitz memorials  and you will get an opportunity to speak to a range of Museum experts and other organisations about starting and continuing Family History Research. You can bring along any documents, photographs, medals or other objects relating to family history in the twentieth century and we will try to help you learn more about them. The Museum’s Conservators and members of the Institute of Conservation (ICON) will also be on hand to advise on how to look after these precious family heirlooms.

A series of special lectures  offering more in-depth advice on how to find out more about your family will also be taking place – including one by me on Blitz memorials – and there will be the opportunity to visit the Explore History Centre, a specially-designed public space where anyone can drop in for free and discover how the Imperial War Museum’s vast collections could help to uncover their past.

So come along. It would be great to see you!

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hi there, just found this after a visit up to the museum today. Such a shame I didnt find this last weekend, I would have loved to come.

    Is there any chance this will be repeated, or the lectures recorded to a podcast? Very interested in family history as fathers side lived around the Walworth area of South London from 18th century onwards!

  2. ukniwm1 said:

    It sounds like you have a venerable connection to our neck of the woods! Unfortunately this event happened last year as we did not do one this year but it is great to see that you are interested in events like this. We don’t record the talks at the moment but it is something we are certainly considering.

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