Canada launches National Inventory of Military Memorials

Following discussions with us last year, we are delighted to announce that Canada’s Department of National Defence (Directorate of History and Heritage) have launched their own UKNIWM equivalent, in the form of the National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials. The NICMM aims to record all war memorials across Canada and already has 6068 memorials listed, with the figure increasing daily. An associated initiative is the Canadian Virtual War Memorial,which contains a registry of information about the graves and memorials of 116,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who lost their lives in 20th Century conflict. Both of these are welcome new resources and we hope that they will eventually help to make those connections between individuals on Canadian and UK war memorials.

  1. There was an earlier Canadian effort still online as ‘We Will Remember”. Website still states that “Funding for this project ended in October 2000 and no further updates are being made. Canadian War Monuments on the WWW is made possible because of support and funding received from Industry Canada through Digital Collections . This effort is also made possible by the support of STEM~Net , and “WE WILL REMEMBER” participating schools. “

    • The “We Will Remember” website which was run by the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial government. I do not know when, but as of September 18, 2010, the site and related pages are no longer available on the internet.

      Fortunately all of the information on the site has been included in the NICMM database.

  2. Charles said:

    Canada’s Virtual War Memorial, decade old online project of Veterans’ Affairs, is designed to receive JPEG Images, photos, clippings, gravestones etc. from the public to recapture the identities of its War Dead. Based on CWGC database details, it now goes back to the Boer War, and includes the ongoing losses today.
    It does NOT provide images itself. The function is as a central registry for families and the public to share images of War Dead, in family/civilian life as well as military period. Emigrants from the UK frequently show up in WWI deaths.
    A companion project is images of the original CEF Attestation documents online at the Archives, many next-of-kin and birthplaces in the UK.

  3. Mr. Pullen – the one mentioned does seem to have been closed off online at last, but it was not a Newfoundland one only. Just started with an image of the Caribou at the dropdown box. Distinguishing goof was re the 48th Highlanders of Toronto and ill-informed identification of Mathers and Haldenby architects. And a tendency to confuse OHF plaque series with purpose built “memorials”. Am familiar with your volunteer work and website, but having difficulty accessing the Inventory at DND, even from your site. You might want check this. Regards.

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