The Elliot Brothers

By office volunteer, Annette Gaykema.

Another remote memorial is that of the Elliot brothers, William and Alistair, which is located by the shores of Loch Glencoul in Sutherland, Northern Scotland. Since the nearest public road is approximately 8 miles away, this memorial is only accessible by foot or by boat.

Photo courtesy of Mick Garratt

The Elliot brothers memorial

The story behind it is an interesting one. The memorial itself is on a hill overlooking an isolated house. This two-storey stone house was built around 1880, by the Duke of Westminster for his estate keepers. The Elliot family were working on the estate and living at Glencoul House when the brothers enlisted for the First World War.

Photo courtesy of the Elliot family

Glencoul House with the cross just visible on the hill to the left

William, who fought with the Cameron Highlanders, died of pneumonia on the 29th of March 1917 at the age of 25.

William Elliot - photo courtesy of the Elliot family

His brother Alistair, who had fought with the Highland Light Infantry, was killed just over a year later on the 12th of April 1918 at the age of 24.

Alistair Elliot - photo courtesy of the Elliot family

It was in memory of the two brothers, and within sight of their old home, that the Duke of Westminster erected the memorial cross. 

The brothers are also commemorated on the Scourie War Memorial  and the Hawick Congregational Church Memorial .

  1. Robert Baddeley said:

    The house in which the Elliot brothers were brought up is now maintained by the volunteers of the Mountain Bothies Association as a shelter and refuge for those who like to visit wild and lonely places. This is one of the wildest and loneliest places in Scotland. The memorial is a much respected part of the landscape

  2. yvonne why said:

    to day 2nd Aug2012 i purchased an Elliott Bros. Brass Binoculars used in the Boer War . lovely to read about the history of this family .

  3. Anonymous said:

    You may see another view of the house and memorial on
    I took the photo in June 2008
    I am entering it here to correct the slight error above – it is only the side-school that is maintained by MBA

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