Investigation Dismisses Murder Mystery?

article by UKNIWM office volunteer Richard Graham

Naturally, most of the memorials we record are to UK citizens, though we do also have some to the enemy (see blog of 27 February 2008). There are also many to our allies, including a number to the Polish wartime leader General Wladyslaw Sikorski.

Mystery and conspiracy theories have long surrounded the circumstances of General Sikorski’s death, with some arguing that he was in fact murdered.  In response, a report just released by Polish investigators announced that the recent exhumation and examination of the General’s body has produced no evidence to back up these theories. The General died when his plane crashed 16 seconds after takeoff in Gibraltar in 1943. He is commemorated on a number of memorials in the UK, including a statue outside the Polish Embassy and a plaque on his wartime HQ, the Rubens Hotel, both in London. General Sikorski was buried at the foot of the Polish Memorial in Newark-upon-Trent  cemetery, until 1993 when his remains were returned to Poland, but he is still commemorated at Newark. Whether the recent investigation puts an end to theories of  murder though remains to be seen, with investigators acknowledging that they could not yet rule out sabotage…

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