Isle of Man approves establishment of War Memorial Presevation Committee

Further to my blog of 15 July, Tynwald, the Isle of Man’s parliament, has approved the establishment of the Isle of Man Government Preservation of War Memorials Committee to encourage the appropriate preservation and the safekeeping of all HM Forces, Merchant Navy and other War Memorials, and War Graves, within the individual areas across the Island and to keep a public register.   


This is great news. Whilst many of the memorials located on the Isle of Man are in good condition, this new committee will provide protection for the few which are in out of the way places or not as well known as well as ensure the long term preservation of all the war memorials on the Isle of Man.

The committee, consisting of up to seven members from the parliament and the public, will be responsible for: 

  • ensuring a proper registration of War Memorials throughout the Isle of Man; 
  • encouraging the proper maintenance and upkeep of such Memorials; and
  • avoiding the destruction of, or overseeing the removal of, such Memorials by encouraging the owners or custodians to advise the Committee that such is likely prior to such actions being taken so as to enable the Committee to ascertain any actions that may be appropriate for them to safeguard the Memorial. 

I wonder if any more government bodies or local councils will follow suit?

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