Charminster to Launch War Memorial Restoration Project

The local residents of Charminster, West Dorset have decided that it is time to stop the further deterioration of their local war memorial outside St Mary’s Church. The memorial to members of the village who died in World War One and World War Two, has withstood the elements for 90 years, but is now showing signs of wear to the stone and lettering. Local resident Graham Matthews hopes the newly launched Charminster War Memorial Restoration Project will ‘raise the £2200 needed to sympathetically clean the memorial, re-cut approximately 100 letters and hand paint about 1400 letters/numerals. Our intention is then to hold a rededication service for the community’.

Charminster War Memorial

Charminster War Memorial


The website for the project explains that although the memorial may not be unique, it ‘does represent our community’s chosen method of remembrance. Some of the names of those recorded on the memorial may only be remembered on our memorial making it important to preserve it to commemorate that individual’s sacrifice’. This project is one of the vital local war memorial restoration projects that are currently being initiated up and down the country. To find out more you can visit the website at

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  1. ukniwm2 said:

    Last week, Graham Matthews announced that ‘we have raised all the required funds and restoration work starts next week. The local community have been very generous in both personal donations and supporting fundraising activities. Once the memorial has been fully restored it is our intention to have a full rededication service later in the year.’

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