The missing memorials of Sir William Reynolds-Stephens

Sir William Reynolds-Stephens (1862-1943), knighted in 1931, President of the Royal Society of British Sculptors 1921-33, and an exhibitor at the Royal Academy for over fifty years, is perhaps rather forgotten today. Our interest was sparked by a Life by his great-niece, Caroline Sherlock, for he was responsible for a number of war memorials both at home and abroad (‘The Scout in War’, an equestrian statue at East London in South Africa, 1908).

Since the book was published, we have identified the previously unknown locations of some of the memorials but the whereabouts of a couple still elude us, both being busts of officers who fell in the First World War:

  • A bronze dating from 1916 of 2nd Lieutenant Vere Herbert Smith, The Rifle Brigade, who died 21 March 1915.
  • A bust dating from 1917 of 2nd Lieutenant Walter Richard Mortimer Woolf, The Border Regiment, who died 26 September 1915. His family were neighbours of the sculptor in Kilburn in north west London.

Please let us know if you have come across either of these memorials.

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