The mysterious Taffy

Not all war memorials feature the names of those who served or died but, if they do, the very least information displayed will be the surname of the person being remembered.  Invariably this is accompanied by their first name or initial. 

Some memorials include further information such as rank, date and place of death, place of birth, age or manner of death.  In some areas – most notably Wales – so many men had the same first name and surname that the first line of their home address is sometimes included to distinguish between them.

Yesterday, in our archive, I discovered a memorial that only has the first name.  I’ve never seen this before.  It’s a small inscribed stone in the garden of a Working Men’s Club in Partington, Manchester.  Click here to see record

The inscription simply reads


Who was Taffy?


After we posted this entry, a reader got in touch with the following comment.

“I would suggest that the name ‘Taffy’ could refer to an animal adopted as a mascot. There could have been a Working Mens’ Club member who brought the animal (dog or cat) back to Manchester with them. Otherwise, a search of regimental mascots of the Army/Navy/Air Force of the time engaged in Palestine could prove useful. (I believe that the Welch Regiment’s goat is traditionally called ‘Taffy’.)”


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