2007 round ups – remembering individuals

War memorials are first and foremost a way to remember individuals who have given their lives during wartime.  Here are some of those individuals we have written about on the blog in the last year.

  • Captain John Stevenson, killed during the siege of Sevastopol, 8 September 1855.  Read more
  • Lieutenant Hector Maclaine, Royal Horse Artillery, killed in Afghanistan, 1880.  Read more
  • Captain Peter Judd, 34th Regiment of Foot, killed while serving in St Lucia, 12th June 1795.  Read more
  • Lieutenant Archibald John Harvey of the 29th Canadian Battalion, killed at Passchendaele, 12 November 1917.  Read more
  • Sub-lieutenant Rupert Brooke, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, died 23 April 1915.  Read more
  • The Siggins family: James (40), Leslie (11), Peter (6), Betty (3), James William (16 months) and Stanley (7 weeks), killed during an air raid in London on 16 February 1945.  Read more
  • Private Richard Lancaster, Lancashire Fusiliers, killed on 10 November 1914. Read more
  • Auxiliary Firewoman Yvonne Green, killed on fire watching duty in London, 17 April 1941. Read more
  • Lance Corporal Alexander Foltyniewicz, Middlesex Regiment, killed in France, 26 August 1918. Read more
  • Lance Corporal Allan Douglas, killed in Iraq, 2006. Read more
  • Second Lieutenant Walter Tull, Middlesex Regiment, killed in France, March 1918. Read more
  • Lieutenant Wilfred Owen, Manchester Regiment, killed 4 November 1918. Read more
  • Captain Bernard Warburton-Lee VC, Royal Navy, killed in Norway, 10 April 1940. Read more
  • Corporal John Rigby, The Rifles, killed in Iraq, June 2007. Read more
  • Fusilier Stephen Satchell, Queens Regiment, killed in Iraq, February 1991. Read more
  • Lieutenant John Kipling, Irish Guards, killed in France in 1915. Read more

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