2007 Round ups – our most popular stories

Of the more than 120 articles we’ve written this year, three stories have proven to be the most popular with our readers.  So here they are, in no particular order.

The new post-Second World War Armed Forces Memorial.  We wrote a number of stories on the construction and dedication of this very significant new memorial in Alrewas, Staffordshire. These include a report of its opening, and a piece about the new searchable online database listing all those named on the memorial.

The Royal Anglian Regiment.  This regiment recently returned home after serving in Afghanistan.  We wrote about their return home to Norwich, but the story that really caught your imagination was the ‘buy the boys’ a beer campaign, which was also helping to raise funds for a new memorial to members of the regiment killed in Afghanistan.

‘My Boy Jack’ – Rudyard Kipling’s lost son.  This recent TV drama, staring Daniel Radcliffe, tied in with a new exhibition at Imperial War Musuem, London.  We wrote about the exhibition and John’s own memorial and also delved into some of the controversy around John’s burial place.

In the next round up we’ll be looking at some of our own favourite stories of 2007.


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