Mapperley Colliery memorial rescued and rededicated

In contrast to some recent cases of theft and demolition of memorials we have learnt of a success story regarding a threatened memorial in Derbyshire.

The Mapperley Colliery Company owned coal mines at Mapperley near West Hallam and built a social hall for its employees in the 1920s. A memorial was erected at the hall to commemorate colliers who had worked for the company before enlisting for service in the First World War. However, the hall was demolished in 2005 and the memorial was placed in storage leading some villagers to fear that it would be lost.

Rededication ceremony for Mapperly Collieries memorial Negotiations between the parish council and the developer led to the restoration of the memorial which was re-erected in a new location next to the village’s war memorial and rededicated on Sunday 7th October.

This photo shows the rededication ceremony, conducted by Rev Simon White, Vicar of St Wilfrid’s Church. The Mapperley Colliery memorial is now installed to the left of the town’s memorial.

See UKNIWM Record for Mapperley Colliery memorial 


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