2007 Round ups – the blog

As 2007 draws to the close, we’re going to be doing some round ups of the war memorial news this year. 

But, we’ll start with some blog news.

We started this blog at the end of April this year, and in that time we’ve published 120 posts.  This works out to be a respectable 3 1/2 posts a week, so make sure you come back regularly to check out the new entries.

These articles have been written by several different people, including UKNIWM staff, office volunteers and volunteer fieldworkers.  We’re happy to receive submissions from anyone, including members of the public, so please write in if you feel there’s something that should be publicised here or an interesting war memorial story you’d like to share.

The day in 2007 when we had more visits than any other was 11 November, which is not surprising as this was Remembrance Sunday.  We’re also very pleased that each month has seen more visitors to the blog than the last.

In the next round up we’ll look at some of our most popular stories of 2007…

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