There is a memorial missing

Ted Rickson, an evacuee from Kennington in London, sits with his arm around Moira the Irish wolfhound on the grass outside Dartington Hall in Totnes, South Devon in 1941.This missing memorial has been neither lost nor stolen; it has never been erected. Over 3 million people, mostly children, were evacuated from cities at risk of air raids or invasion during the Second World War as part of the government’s Operation Pied Piper.

The effort made by the children and those involved in the mass movement of people around the country has never been memorialised and is often misunderstood.

The Evacuees Reunion Association is proposing that a permanent memorial is built, not only to recognise those civilians involved in the evacuation, but also to highlight the significance of Britain’s Home Front during WWII.

Maquette for proposed evacuees memorial

They have commissioned the internationally renowned artist and sculptor Maurice Blik and he has produced a scale model of the proposed memorial that the ERA believes “truly symbolises the bewilderment, anxiety and uncertainty” of the children and other civilians that were involved in the evacuation.

Interest in the civilian aspect of WWII is increasing and this memorial will heighten public awareness among the many who will visit it.


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