More about memorial tanks

Following up on the piece we did about war memorial tanks earlier in the month, one of our volunteers has discovered the following interesting stories in the archives of The Times and The Illustrated London News.

At Guildford (Surrey) in 1919, a tank was to have been presented at a site selected in one of the main streets.  Unfortunately it failed to arrive as it would not move after it had been taken off the train due to a magneto failure. In the end the Mayor and other dignitaries had to go to the railway station where the ceremony eventually took place.

Hitchin in Hertfordshire received its tank in the same year, but it slid from its pedestal and while it was being restored to its place a live shell was discovered.

Even more alarmingly, while being dismantled in 1929 to make way for a new bus station, the memorial tank (that had stood in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire since 1920) exploded!

Meanwhile in 1920,  a small syndicate of ex-Tank Corps officers acquired two tanks, with which to give joyrides with realistic obstacles in the grounds of the Kursaal at Southend on Sea.


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