Memorial tanks

One of the more unusual types of memorial were decommissioned tanks, given to towns by the National War Savings Committee after the First World War as recognition for the community’s efforts in fundraising.

This article from the Tank Museum in Bovington has some fascinating photos of a tank being delivered to Bridlington in July 1919.

The tanks were not universally popular and many were dismantled even before the Second World War.  Today only one of the memorial tanks, this one from Ashford in Kent, still exists as a memorial.

Memorial tank, Ashford

 Another example from Warrington is more typical.  The tank was installed in the local park in 1920 and dismantled in 1940 to provide scrap metal during the Second World War. The report in the Warrington Guardian of 14 January 1920 describes how “the tank slid round like a turtle and, with much grunting and couging, waddled in the direction of Bank Quay Station.”  At one point flames a yard long spat from the engines and the passengers (local dignitaries) were advised to get off!  Eventually it was installed in the park, “leaving behind it ploughed up soil and turf.”

  1. Sharon Redmond said:

    can any body help me with this mistory,i have a corresponding card and it says ,Tank JEZEBEL aug 10 1917 between hebuterne and puisieux bodies of Major Thompson V.C. and four of the crew found inside.
    i have a pic of the tank,

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