A ‘new’ type of memorial

While every memorial is unique in its own way, we record 76 different main types of memorial.  To keep this number workable, the rule we use is that each type must have at least ten examples, otherwise it will be recorded simply as ‘other memorial’. 

Not surprisingly, some of the more unusual and interesting memorials fall under this category :- animal drinking troughs, a college reading room, model ships, bird baths etc…

Today we defined a new type – ‘Land’.  This was prompted by a memorial plaque in a nurses’ home.  The plaque marked the fact that the land on which the nurses’ home was built was donated in memory of the donors’ son who had died in the First World War.  The nurses’ home itself was paid for separately, probably by public subscription.

So far we have identified 17 examples of land on our database but no doubt there are others still to find.  Several of these were scenic areas of land given to the National Trust in memory of Capt N C Robertson and Second Lt L G Robertson by their brother W.A. Robertson.

And you might not know (and I certainly didn’t!) that the summit of Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, was donated as a war memorial by the Baron of Leaconfield in 1919.


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