Forgotten men of Stalybridge

A book of remembrance was unveiled on Saturday, 21 July, in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester.  The book commemorates 300 men from the villages of Millbrook, Carrbrook, Heyrod and Heyheads whose names were not put on the local war memorial in nearby Stalybridge.

 Read more from Manchester Evening News

 We sometimes receive enquiries from the public asking why a relative’s name is missing from a local war memorial.  We have produced a frequently asked question dealing with this matter.

 Such cases demonstrate the varied methods by which names were collected for war memorials.  There was no centralised procedure and it was up to the local organising commitee to decide upon the best method of names collection, be it a door to door survey or a notice published locally requesting that names be submitted.  Inevitably, names were sometimes left off.

 This also illustrates that in small villages names might instead be put onto a district war memorial.  Alternatively, two or more very small communities would combine efforts to produce a single war memorial.  If a place you are interested in does not have a war memorial try looking at the memorials in nearby towns and villages.

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