8 things you might not know about the UKNIWM

1. We have recorded over 55,000 memorials on our database but estimate there could be as many as 100,000 memorials in total in the UK

2. We record memorials to civilians as well as service personnel

3. We also record memorials to animals

4. Information is collected for us by over 150 volunteer fieldworkers based all over the UK

5. But anyone at all can send us more information or a correction to details we hold about memorials

6. Often there is more information held in the paper archive than on the database. We can usually send copies of this information and our archive is open for anyone to visit – just contact us first for an appointment.

7. We currently record 75 different types of memorial. Some memorials may include more than one type, e.g. a memorial garden with a statue and plaque.

8. We have recorded memorials to 72 different wars and conflicts covering the last 2,000 years, from A (Aden) to Z (Zulu Wars). 67% of memorials commemorate the First World War, although many of these will also list later wars.

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