Sir Galahad dead remembered

Friday saw 25 years since the bombing of the Sir Galahad during the Falklands War.  The anniversary was marked by a memorial service in Swansea.

Forty-eight men were lost during the attack on the ship. One unusual and touching memorial to those killed and injured on the Sir Galahad is a lifeboat stationed at Tenby.

Tenby Memorial Lifeboat

It was thought fitting that the lifeboat that bears the name Sir Galahad should be sent to a Welsh station, since the ship was attacked whilst disembarking units of the Welsh Guards at San Carlos Bay.  The lifeboat is considered, ‘a modern war memorial that saves lives’.

Meanwhile, on Friday it was also announced that Wales’ memorial to the victims of the Falklands War will be unveiled in Cardiff on 30 September 2007.  The memorial will be made up of a five tonne stone, which has travelled 8,500 miles from the Falklands Islands. The stone was found at Mount Harriet, a significant battle site for the Welsh Guards.

Read more about this unusual memorial stone

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