VC and GC winners

Birmingham council is supporting a proposal to erect a memorial plaque to the 25 soldiers awarded the Victoria Cross and George Cross.

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We record memorials that list VC and GC winners on our database and currently have 606.  These are both memorials that solely commemorate a VC or GC winner and where they are listed among others who served and died.

Captain Noel Chavasse, one of only three men to be awarded the VC twice, is the individual we believe to be commemorated on the most memorials. We are currently aware of 16 that bear his name, such as this one unveiled by his brother, who was Lord Bishop of Rochester.

Memorial tablet to Capt N Chevasse

Capt Chavasse, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, was awarded his first VC for actions on 9 and 10 August 1916, rescuing many wounded under heavy fire.  His second VC was awarded for actions between 31 July and 2 August 1917, when he attended to many wounded, again under heavy fire, despite being severely wounded himself.  He later died from these wounds and is buried in Brandhoek New Military Cemetery in Belgium.

  1. janef1 said:

    Noel Chavasse is commemorated on 16 memorials as far as I know. Is he the most commemorated individual?

  2. keeperpb said:

    Does anyone know why the Finchley Memorial Hospital is so called?

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